Feedback we've received from our clients, that facilitate and encourage our web hosting.

  • Ofblue Webhosting provides the greatest support with its professional and responsive customer service people. Best of all, they have the most affordable prices and the best promos out there.

  • I am blogger and I need my website to be up all the time. Having said that, I am very thankful to OFBLUE Hosting as they offer exceptional service. I had no problems and if there is, they reply and assist promptly. TWO THUMBS UP!!! I highly recommend them.

  • It's difficult to find a good hosting service that is both affordable and reliable. However, I been with OfBlue Hosting for over a year now, and they've always been there to help with the very few issues I've had. They reply within hours, and I'm never concerned about my websites, because they're almost always up and working. I will continue to be with them. I've never ran out of bandwidth or space, and my website emails are working great. I'm very comfortable, satisfied, and impressed with OfBlue.

  • I appreciate OfBlue webhosting more than any other host I have been with. I have had no downtime or issues, and any questions I have had (either good questions or otherwise) have been answered promptly and respectfully.

  • I've tried several webhosts, but Ofblue is by far one of the top best: the servers are always up - the 99% uptime many webhosts claim to have in this case is 100% true - and the admins are always there; contact them and you'll be answered in less than 30 minutes. Just give it a try, you'll see that what I'm writing is entirely true.

  • For my 2 years of stay with Secretkiss Hosting (which is now know as the Ofblue Webhosting), I've been really really happy with their service rendered. I must say that the server is definitely perfect for me! Though they rarely have downtime servers (that happens only once in a blue moon) due to their monthly/quarterly maintenance to keep everything working as good as possible. I also love how accommodating they are. they respond within 24 hours and you can easily reach them. Last year my blog got hacked and without any sweat they were able to revive EVERYTHING in less than an hour! weew! Then just this year I transferred to a new domain and I am so happy because they extended their service by assisting me with my request. I am so thankful to be hosted under them. I couldn't imagine my blog being hosted under other hosting sites out there. :)

  • I've had the privilege of being hosted here at OfBlue, and I'm very pleased with their service. Isi and Nancy are both very professional with their business. Their hosting packages are also very cheap. I especially like how they give you multiple package payment options from monthly to two years. OfBlue is definitely a hosting company I will recommend to those who want free subdomain hosting and/or reasonable domain hosting!

  • I've been hosted with ofblue (/secretkiss) for 2 or 3 years now and it is perfect for my requirements, along with being cheap which is always a bonus. Downtime is minimal and the support is fantastic. Overall, very reliable and highly recommended to anyone!