The team at OfBlue consists of two members working side by side to provide amazing products and customer service to clients. We work hard together to deliver the best results, and we look forward to working together with you to bring your projects live.

Meet the Ladies

Nancy (left) and Isi (right) makes a great team while providing the best services at Ofblue Hosting.

They both specialize in the computer/technology field, making the hosting experience a lot better for clients.

Though this specialization, the server is capable of higher heights with improved performance delivery, security, and user experience.

Even with the distance between the two, they are still able to work together with high compatibility and amazing teamwork.


Isi is an Information Systems and Communication Technology graduate. She has been with OfBlue since day one as the founder and loves every moment of it.

On her spare time, she enjoys reading and watching videos. Isi is highly experienced with marketing, web development, web designing, graphics, java, programming, and client-facing services.


Nancy is a Computer Information Systems graduate with an emphasis in information security. She has been working behind the scenes with OfBlue for over five years.

On her spare time, she enjoys being a foodie, shopaholic, and car enthusiast. Nancy is experienced in digital forensics, cybersecurity, networking, front-end web development, C++/Java, and client-facing services.