What are the nameservers for the websites? &

What do I do if and when the server is down?

First, check this link: Is It Up and if it says the server is up, you might be IP banned (see questions below). If the site indicates the server is down, check out Twitter page for updates and/or e-mail to address the problem.

Why is there an "insecure connection" message on the cPanel page?

Please use "" to log into your cPanel instance. Otherwise, you will see an insecure connection message.

Why can't I see any of the sites on the server even though it is up?

You might be IP banned from the server. Look up your IP here: What's My IP and tweet @ofbluehosting e-mail us at addressing the issue.

Why did I get IP Banned?

Our servers have a firewall setup to protect us against attackers. You probably indirectly sent in too many requests at once (such as logging in FTP/cPanel/etc with the wrong password consecutively or the like) and the firewall marked you as an attacker. No worries, follow the steps in the previous answer and we will whitelist you :).

What is the cPanel URL?

https://YOURWEBSITEURL.COM/cpanel (eg. Please keep note that the http header is under https:// -- if you avoid this, you will be redirected to a blank page. (eg.

Why can't I access the cPanel page sometimes?

This is an issue regarding the internet connection you're connected to. Some ISP's block ports that includes the cPanel page (ports 2082, 2083, 2086, 2087, 2095, and etc) AND connecting through the FTP at times. We can't do anything about this issue because we don't control the ISP you're connected to. This is a common problem if you're using the internet in universities, companies, and public places. Even if you're under a different host, this can be an issue too. What we recommend doing is save your files until you get home or try to edit your pages via the CMS portion (eg. going to Theme Editor in WordPress).

What is the WHM URL?

https://YOURWEBSITEURL.COM/whm (eg. Please keep note that the http header is under https:// -- if you avoid this, you will be redirected to a blank page. (eg.

My host isn't hosted directly by you, can you still provide help?

We can provide basic assistance such as cPanel password retrieval or IP unbans, but we recommend you contacting your main host first. We will send an invoice before providing any additional services, due to the hosting account not being managed by us directly.

If I'm under a shared hosting, can I create subdomains or add another domain to my hosting account?

Yes you may (for both questions). Access your cPanel and navigate to SubDomain to add subdomains and Add-On Domains to add an additional domain. However, these additional sites will not have their own cPanel accounts. They can be accessed through FTP if a FTP account is created for the site. These additioanl sites will be housed under your hosting plan's data.

Do you need help on your team?

We are currently not looking for additional members on the team.


When will my application be approved?

When one of our staff sees your application, you will be approved. It is ususally within 48 hours. Normally it is within a couple of hours depending on the time that the application is sent. The application won't clear if it is suspicious, which can be cleared if we are e-mailed about it.

What do I put in for domain when I'm registering?

You put in the site you desire to have hosted. Make sure you put in the URL extension at the end of the domain (.com, .org, .net, .us, .ca, and etc) or else we will have to contact you ourselves to fix the issue and delay the registering process.

Do I need a domain before registering?

Yes, you need a domain before registering with us to make the registration process faster because without it, you cannot operate on a site. You can register your domain at GoDaddy or NameCheap. BUT if you don't want to deal with the registration process, we can register the domain for you for $13 a year for most common domain extensions (.net, .org. .com). For special extensions, please contact us for quotes.

Do you accept all applicants?

We accept all paid applicants. We try to screen users beforehand to ensure integrity.

Are you still accepting subdomain applications?

At this time, we no longer accept subdomain applications.


Why does the billing system send invoices to me when I already paid?

The payments are usually marked paid manually to ensure integrity payment. You can send us an e-mail at and we will manually mark your invoice as paid if the status haven't changed for 24 hours. As a precaution, we cross check with PayPal for the payment.

Is there a way I can pay for my dues in parts?

If you're not under a monthly package, let us know about the situation and we will work with you :).

I no longer wish to be hosted. What do I do about the upcoming invoice?

Let us know ahead of time and we will keep note about the invoice notification automatically set up by our billing system. We will void the invoice and your account will close after the subscription date :)

I just paid my invoice and got sent another one! (Monthly payments)

Our system is set up to notify clients 20 days ahead of time about their upcoming invoice for the following period. This is done in favor of clients who are under the quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions to ensure that they have time to take care of the invoice. We ask users in the monthly subscription to please be patient with the invoice system and not to worry about the invoice until it's actually due.

What if I don't pay my invoice?

The system will automatically send you invoices reminding you about the bill. If it is not cleared after a few weeks, your account will be suspended. The account can be terminated if we did not hear from you regarding the invoice.

Is there a way to pay other than using PayPal?

Unfortunately not as we prefer secure transactions through PayPal. We use PayPal as a reliable transaction management system for everyone's protection.

What are the available billing terms?

We offer billing terms in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or two-year.

Can I switch billing terms?

Yes, you may switch billing terms anytime. Let us know and we will adjust the billing terms for you.

I can't pay my invoice on time, can you help?

Please communicate this with us and we will work with you.


Can you help transfer my site?

Yes, provide us your cPanel backup and we will help with the process.

Why didn't my backup work?

Your backup is probably corrupted. Please understand the problem isn't in our end. You have to find a working backup or contact your previous host for a working backup.

Can you design our websites?

We only provide quality hosting. If you wish to find designs, there are plenty of free designs on the web.

Can you teach me how to create a website?

We can provide the basics, but anything further will have to be inquired by a 3rd party. Our support includes internal support such as how to navigate through cPanel, why the server is down, and etc.

If I am inactive, will my site get terminated?

If you are a paid client and you're inactive, your site will NOT be terminated.

I will be on vacation and my site will be inactive. What do I do?

If you're a paid client, no actions will be necessary.

Can you fix my broken website?

If your website is broken due to coding issues, we cannot help. However, if it is due to the server's configuration settings, we will do our best. However, many smaller 3rd party applications might be coded insecurely and requires many insecure ports/configurations open. We cannot risk the security of our server to allow this customization.

What/where are the terms of service?

Go to our about page and click "Read" under the Terms and Service header.

How do I secure my site so I won't get hacked?

Some simple steps include:
1) Update your scripts as soon as possible.
2) Do not use default administrator usernames. Use self-created usernames that is not "admin" or the likes.
3) Don't use easy to guess passwords. There are more tactics in securing your site that can be found on the web. Here is WordPress' page about Hardening WordPress.

Do you have free domain hosting?

Sorry, we do not provide free domain hosting. All of our domain hosting is paid. If none of our presented packages meet your needs, you can contact us to inqiure about a custom package that will meet your needs.

Why is my website suspended?

It is likely that you did not pay your invoice. We try to be generous by having the system automatically suspend overdue users 3 weeks after the invoice due date. However, it is the individual's responsibility to pay invoices on time as they are sent weeks in advance.